Chalcogenide lens set

Chalcogenide lens set

Using MPNICS’s unique micro molding method, we offer new customized design in shortest lead-time at lowest cost.

  • Material : Chalcogenide
  • Optical performance using Aspheric shape
  • Low cost and high productivity, Good reliability
  • Low lenses surface roughness and low aspheric form error
  • Design services for customer’s specification

Set A
f-number 1.03
Filed of view 24.60°
Effective focal length 19.00mm
Waveband 8um – 12um
Focus range 2.4m – infinity
Transmittance >95% (AR Coating) 

>90% (DLC Coating)

Sensor Spec
Resolution 384 x 288
Sensor Name
Pixel Size 17um x 17um

f-number 1.00 over
Filed of view TBD
Barrel ∅ 30.00
Effective focal length TBD
Effective focal length 8um – 12um
Focus range TBD
Transmittance >95% (AR Coating)
>90% (DLC Coating)