Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Servicd condition & How-to-use the website

· Register

It is free to register at MPNICS website. All customers, including unregistered customers, may use the services provided by MPNICS.

1. How-to-register
Please follow below steps to register.
a. Click on “register”.
b. Click on “I agree to Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy”.
c. Fill out all the account information.
d. Registration completed.

2. Edit your profile
Please log-in to the website in order to edit your profile.
Click on “MY PAGE” and then click on “Edit My Profile”. You can edit your password, name, phone number, address, postal code, etc. However, ID is not allowed to change.

3. Unregister / Delete my account
We will do our due diligence to provide the best service to our customer. Please advise any improvements we could make if you experience any inconvenience at our website. Please be noted that the ID and email once used is not re-usable after unregister. The steps to unregister is as below:

a. Please check all the shopping lists to check if all the transactions are completed.
b. Please check your account.
c. Click on “MY PAGE” and then click on “Delete my account”.

· Place an order

a. Please search your desired product through website’s search engine or through categories.
b. Please click on the product image or name, and add to your shopping cart clicking “add to my shopping cart”.
c. To purchase more than one product, please proceed by clicking “continue shopping”.
d. Please request the product quotation at the detail page of the product.
e. After we check your request, we will decide the product’s spec, quantity, and price and send you the quotation by email or other ways.
f. Please make payment through the product link you receive.
① Customer with paypal
② Customer without paypal

· How to make the payment

MPNICS, Inc uses Paypal as our payment system.
Paypal online payment service is a safe way to make electronic transaction. The card providers that Paypal supports world wide are: VISA, MASTER, American Express, Union, Discover, Switch, Solo Giropay, Electronic cash

Caution: MPNICS, Inc. uses Paypal system as its standard transaction system. We have no access to your personal credit card information, and it is safely protected by Paypal protection system.
MPNICS, Inc. uses following 2 payment methods.
a. Paypal transaction: Customers with Paypal account.
b. Credit card: make payment through credit card.
c. If you desire to make payments through other cards, it is possible by making contract with PG company that supports foreign transaction.

· Edit/cancel purchase order

If you would like to edit/cancel your purchase order, please first submit a request through Q&A page or email.

a. Paypal transaction cancellation (before ship out)
To cancel your order, please submit your request through Q&A page or email. If you have already made payment through Paypal, immediate refund is possible. If the payment is not made in 3 weeks, the purchase order is automatically deleted, therefore you do not have to request the order cancellation.

b. Credit card transaction cancellation (Before ship out)
Please submit a request for cancellation through Q&A page or email.
The refund can be made immediately if you request a refund 1-2 days after the transaction. (Note: the time it takes to process the refund varies depending on each credit card company.) Depending on your credit card’s policy, it may take few more weeks for the refund to be processed. If the payment was charged on your credit card even after you have requested a refund, the refund will be applied to the next month’s account balance.

c. order cancellation after delivery
Change/ cancellation of order after delivery is processed according to the Refund & Exchange Policy. We may charge additional delivery fee, therefore please check in advance.

▼ Guide for Minimum charge of fee (For customers who has already made transaction)

Under the condition where the total amount is over $50, or if the ordered quantities are more than 10 pieces for each product.
Cancellation fee will be charged for the cancellation made after the transaction.
No cancellation fee is charged if the order was cancelled within an hour of the transaction.
If there are 1 or more cancellation request after the transaction, 10% of the total amount will be charged as a cancellation fee.

· Refund/Exchange policy

Refund / exchange request has to be made within 30 days upon your receipt of the product. No refund / exchange request is accepted 30 days after delivery.

a. Request upon customer’s change of mind: Please submit a request through Q&A page or email. Customer is responsible for all the additional fees that occur upon cancellation.

b. Cancellation request due to MPNICS’s error :
(1) Misdelivery or omission: Refund/ exchange will be made.
(2) Loss or damage: Please refer to us through Q&A page or email.

c. Error by shipping company: Compensation will be made by shipping company.

d. In case the shipment is returned to MPNICS due to recipient’s non-observance of the country’s customs/duties law:
· Customer is responsible for the return fee & additional delivery fee.
· The first delivery fee is not refunded. (Also in case of refunds for products with free shipping, delivery fee is cut from the refund fee because MPNICS has paid the shipping charge for that shipment.)
· If the total amount of order is more than $ 50, 10% of the total amount will be charged as a cancellation fee.

· Refund

a. Paypal refund
– Refund is immediately processed upon the request if amount is paid through Paypal.
– Refund through paypal could be made in partial amount or total amount.

b. Credit card refund
– Credit card refund could be made in partial amount or total amount.
– Paypal refund policy against credit card transaction : If the refund request is made withing 1-2 days after transaction, credit card refund is processed immediately. If the refund request is made after 2days of transaction, the refund could be applied on the next month’s bill. The refund processing time varies depending on the policies of different credit card companies and refund amount.
– The refund process is subject to change for specific cases in order to serve customer’s convenience.
– Unpaid amounts are not refunded.
Amounts paid with uncertain identity are not refunded.